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Story of Treachery with India's History...

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"Tum sala ghulam log hamari juti ke neeche hi rahega..."

This sentence by an arrogant British officer in the movie Lagaan always haunts us, because of the false history that reiterates, "You are born for slavery..."

Yes... A-Satyamev Jayate! You read it right... Asatyameva Jayate is an apt description of how India's history has been distorted and misrepresented at every step.

This extraordinary, well-researched book explores the truth with irrefutable evidence, demolishes deliberate obfuscation, and asserts our true history... right from the so-called Aryan invasion to India's independence movement.

This book throws light on such aspects of India's history that have been deliberately hidden from us... to divide India, to destroy its confidence and self-respect, to mentally cripple it.

This book will surprise you, shock you, and hurt you at how you have been misled and cheated for so long. But finally, it will fill your heart with pride, at the glorious past of our great country...India i.e. Bharat !

On the occasion of the 75th year of our independence, we wish to take this book to every Indian worldwide. Towards this end, we are offering it at a 'Special Rate'. For details of the offer, booking procedure and a video on the book visit website given below...

Book your copy now and begin your journey from Asatyameva Jayate to Satyameva Jayate !


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For the past two hundred years, the various powers that have ruled India have created massive distortions in the history of India for their own interests. In the last few years, many learned researchers have been doing very important work of dispelling this misconception and bringing out true history. This book is an effort to put together this research and present it to the readers to demonstrate the continuous deception in India's History.

A-Satyamev Jayate... ? 

Author - Abhijit Joag   


✒️ The Aryan Invasion Theory
✒️ India’s History: A Story of Defeats? 
✒️ Negationism – What is Inconvenient, Never Happened!
✒️ Emperor Ashok and Akbar – Were They Really ‘Great’? 
✒️ Sufi…You Too? 
✒️ India’s Social, Cultural and Economic
✒️ Backwardness: Reasons and Narratives
✒️ Plying the Spindle Certainly Yields Yarn…. but Independence? 
✒️ Why Bring Up this Discussion Now?

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About Bhishma Prakashan

Shodh Bharat ka... Baaten Bharat ki...

Bhishma Prakashan is the official publication of the Bhishma School of Indic Studies…!

The main aim of Bhishma Prakashan is to publish scholarly research and reference books on various topics related to Indian knowledge systems like Ancient Indian science, literature, culture, tradition, history, civilization, etc. Bhishma Prakashan's mission is to publish positive, intellectual, and thought-provoking, authentic literature that establishes an appropriate and noble narrative about India.  At the same time, it is necessary to publish commentaries on intimate and essential topics related to India and the world at large in the current times.  Literature that interests the reader… Action-oriented, inspiring, well-commented writing must be published, avoiding topics that merely entertain, pass the time and confuse. Today India is famous in the world as a young country.  It seems that the youth often get confused by the flurry of various media.  Bhishma Prakashan has decided to publish books that give them direction and guide them about life values, ideals, life management, and leading a successful life. Bhishma Prakashan will publish books in three languages ​​- Marathi, Hindi, and English.


Prof. Kshitij Patukale is the chief guide of Bhishma Prakashan and Prof. Aniket Patil is the Managing Director.  A group of mentors, distinguished experts, scholars and intellectuals in various disciplines assist Bhishma Publications in book selection, editing, layout, publication process and distribution.  Readers can also directly suggest book topics for Bhishma Publishing.  It is provided as a facility for reader feedback.

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