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Afghanistan is under intense turmoil today. It has severed its ties with India since the religious bigots, the Talibans, have entered the socio political scene in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan enjoyed close ties with the MAINLAND INDIA for millennia. Afghanistan was part and parcel of the socio-religio political ethos of the MAINLAND INDIA. The book covers the pre Buddhist period. Close cultural ties of Afghanistan and India date back to 4500 B.C. it enjoyed the cultural and trade relation with the Indus-Sarasvati culture that flourished in the Indus valley and the desiccated Sarasvati valley.

Here the author has traced back a few deities of the vedic culture like Apan Napat, Ahirbudhnya, Maruts and the lost recension, the Bashkala samhita of the Rigveda etc. to Afghanistan. He has shown that the Arya-Dasa conflicts in the Rigveda occurred in the Seistan province of southern Afghanistan. The purs destroyed by Indra were the mounds or butts formed in the region due to the erosive action of Bad-i-sud-o-bist, i.e. wind of 120 days.

Many tribes of Afghanistan today are traced back to the vedic people. They participated in the famous ten kings' war of the Rigvedic lore. Socio-linguistic and cultural affinities with the vedic and post-vedic India were stronger. The theory of ten lost tribes of Israel migrating to Afghanistan is refuted in this book.

The Afghan Connection

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