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Bharatiya Knowledge Systems : Archaeological Perspective

with Special Reference to Rakhigarhi

Dr. Vasant Shinde


Pages : 220

Art Pages - Color Print - Perfect Binding


India has a rich tradition of intellectual inquiry and a textual heritage that goes back to several hundreds of years. The authors of the Indian Knowledge System were the indigenous indian people which is now scientifically established on the basis of archaeological data, genetic data and craniofacial reconstruing data. The ancient DNA (aDNA) research on the Harappan people was initiated in 2011-12 at Rakhigarhi which has International significance. Rakhigarhi in Hissar District of Haryana, is the largest city of the Harappan Civilization located  in the middle of the Saraswati basin near Drishadwati, the major tributary of the Saraswati River.

            Most of the basic crafts and sciences were introduced around 7000 BCE. The data also indicates that there was gradual growth and the basic technologies and sciences attained maturity during the Harappan Civilization around 3000 BCE. Harappans are considered to be the founder of the Indian Culture and Tradition.

            Dr. Vasant shinde, the world renowned archaeologist & head, Rakhigarhi Project has incorporated the genesis of Indian knowledge system through this book based on archaeological data and its contemporary relevance to society of nation. This book will be a great value addition to the students, professionals, the policy makers and public at large.

Bharatiya Knowledge System - Rakhigarhi (Eng)

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