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Story of Treachery with India's History...

अSatyamev Jayate...?

Author - Abhijit Joag

"Tum sala ghulam log hamari juti ke Neeche hi rahega..." This sentence by an arrogant British officer in the movie Lagaan always haunts us, because of the false history that reiterates, "You are born for slavery..."

अSatyamev Jayate...?

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Yes... A-Satyamev Jayate It goes on... India's history has been obfuscated unforgivably...  generations have been misled deliberately... The rich, glorious, prosperous India Columbus and Vasco-D-Gamma set out to discover, India which accounted for 24 percent of world trade until the 18th century, was systematically stigmatized, and mentally crippled. We were made to feel that every Indian was wallowing in moral degradation and that India was simply incapable of creating anything worthwhile without help from the West... It was a constant, well-planned distortion of the truth.  Astayamev Jayate was the motto of the powers that wanted India to be always subjugated...

Abhijit Joag's extraordinary scholarly book explores the truth with irrefutable evidence, demolishes untruth, and asserts true history...

On the occasion of the 75th year of Indian Independence... This remarkable new book will open your eyes, surprise you, introduce you to India's glorious history and make you proud...

Bhishma Prakashan

Shodh Bharat ka... Baaten Bharat ki...

Bhishma Prakashan is the official publication of the Bhishma School of Indic Studies…!

The main aim of Bhishma Prakashan is to publish scholarly research and reference books on various topics related to Indian Knowledge Systems like Ancient Indian science, literature, culture, tradition, history, civilization, etc. Bhishma Prakashan's mission is to publish positive, intellectual, thought-provoking, authentic literature that establishes an appropriate and noble narrative about India.  At the same time, it is necessary to publish commentaries on intimate and essential topics related to India and the world at large in the current times.  Literature that interests the reader… Action-oriented, inspiring, well-commented writing must be published, avoiding topics that merely entertain, pass the time and confuse.  Today India is famous in the world as a young country.  It seems that the youth often get confused by the flurry of various media.  Bhishma Prakashan has decided to publish books that give them direction and guide them about life values, ideals, life management, and leading a successful life. Bhishma Prakashan will publish books in three languages ​​- English, Hindi, and Marathi.


Prof. Kshitij Patukale is the chief guide of Bhishma Prakashan and Prof. Aniket Patil is the Chief Excutive Officer.  A group of mentors, distinguished experts, scholars, and intellectuals in various disciplines assist Bhishma Publications in book selection, editing, layout, publication process and distribution. Readers can also directly suggest book topics for Bhishma Publishing.  It is provided as a facility for reader feedback.

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